I am the Founder and CEO of Prompt. Our mission is to make people better writers.

I believe…

  1. Writing is the most important skill for the future.
  2. Writing is a lot more than grammar. Writing is structured thinking.
  3. Most people don’t know they need to improve their writing because they rarely seek out or receive constructive feedback.
  4. The best way to improve writing skills is through Deliberate Practice, a process that involves receiving and acting on feedback.
  5. The world’s education system is not structured to support students on writing because educators do not have enough time to provide instructional feedback.
  6. Poor writing delays an organization’s ability to get big, meaningful things done.

I developed my views by working with professionals, educators, and students. After graduating from MIT, I spent 4.5 years at McKinsey and 6 years as an independent consultant. I worked with every size of company – from the Fortune 100 to companies with fewer than 10 employees. My work touched every part of a company – from innovative business strategies to frontline operations. I started Prompt in 2014 and have personally worked one-on-one with hundreds of students to improve their writing skills while training hundreds of other Writing Coaches.

My interest in writing started at McKinsey. At MIT, I was a typical student – I thought I was good at writing. Once I got to McKinsey, I realized I was a terrible writer. I got better quickly because I received frequent feedback from my colleagues who had subject and communications expertise.

As a consultant, I began to realize writing was the most important part of the workplace. I found misunderstanding was rampant between my clients. Often, my job was to translate what one person was thinking into something another person could understand.

I started Prompt with two fellow MIT people, Jordan and John, to make people better writers. Our premise was simple – give everyone access to on-demand feedback on their writing from subject-knowledgable Writing Coaches. Our product was vastly different than a typical editor. We focused our feedback on how people could improve their thinking by providing actionable instruction on their content and structure as opposed to just sentence-level suggestions.

Years later, I feel we’re just getting started. We’re already the largest provider of feedback on admissions essays in the world. We’re now supporting students, educators, and educational institutions on all types of student writing. Eventually, we’ll support professionals.

Come and join us on our journey. You can learn more about working with Prompt as an educational institution or as a member of our team by going to Prompt.com or reaching out to me at brad@prompt.com. I encourage you not to be shy. I know what email anxiety is like, and I promise I read every message by assuming the writer has the best intentions. It’s the optimist in me.